Brave Hair Port Macquarie is a premiere, boutique hair salon, for all your hair care and styling needs. Uniquely situated downtown with a beautiful Port Macquarie outlook, Brave Hair is the creation of Colin Teitzel, your local hairdresser with over twenty-five years experience in style, colour, cut and hair care.


Established in 2004, Colin’s Brave Hair philosophy is “Natural. Believable. Redo-able” hair. Hair that fits with your lifestyle, gives you the look that you want: the look you can carry off to perfection in the weeks between your salon visits. From the moment you book your appointment to the day you enter Brave Hair’s doors you realise you’ve booked a moment that is just for you. Your hair appointment is a one on one professional service that is far away from a production line. At Brave Hair your hair is uniquely in the hands of a salon professional who will not only carefully work to achieve the look you want, but also for whom the health and integrity of your hair is a number one priority. Hair integrity underpins Brave Hair’s choice of in-salon products as well as any products for sale to Brave Hair clients for their at-home hair care. Brave Hair Port Macquarie uses the best hairdressing products available on the market with product lines by the high end Moroccan Oil line as well as the quality Australian-made EVO hair care product line.


What makes Brave Hair different from any other salon? Cut? Colour? Style? Yes but also Natural. Believable. Redo-able. Integrity. These are the qualities that create loyal Brave Hair Port Macquarie clients. In addition to the complete package of professional hair care, one on one service and quality salon products, Brave Hair clients are served in a salon whose ambience is light and airy with an exceptionally peaceful outlook.

You are incredibly welcome to come and experience the style, beauty and integrity of Brave Hair Port Macquarie. Please phone today to secure your one on one salon appointment with Colin.


Colin Teitzel, Brave Hair owner and salon professional loves being able to provide the one to one boutique service to his clients on which his hairdressing business thrives. Growing up in country New South Wales, Colin did his hairdressing apprenticeship in Moree and Coonamble before moving to Port Macquarie where he worked in several hairdressing salons including renting a chair at Dennis William’s Nefertiti before purchasing his own shop and creating the Brave Hair experience for his clientele. In addition to on the job training and over twenty five years of experience, Colin attends yearly hair stylists conferences to stay up to date with hair care and styling methods and for continued creative inspiration. In truth, Colin’s Brave Hair clients inspire him.

Sometimes things are a work while in the process. When someone asks ‘What would you do with my hair?’ I say ‘I don’t know until I do it’… The hair tells you what to do to a certain extent. Looking is a bit different. You have to touch it. There’s the texture you’re working with: curly, straight, thick, fine, the way it falls. Every head is unique. There is no one size fits all.

After more than 25 years in the business, Colin’s fresh, unique, and personally individualised approach creates a beautiful experience for every Brave Hair Port Macquarie customer.